America’s 10 Fastest-Selling Used Cars!

November 7th, 2016 by

There are a lot of used cars on the market, but some aren’t on the market as long as others. This is due to consumers purchasing these models quickly because of high demand, affordable prices, and overall quality. Auto Blog compiled a list of the 10 fastest-selling used cars, so check out the list below to help you know which cars to stay on the lookout for.

Toyota Highlander

  1. Mazda2:
    The Mazda2 is exceptionally charming, stylish and compact. It also “handles like a dream,” according to Auto Blog. The Mazda2 is no longer available from Mazda, but drivers can purchase it used if they can find it. This vehicle only spends an average 29.9 days on the used market.
  2. Lexus RX 350:
    A favorite in the world of crossovers, the Lexus Rx 350 is comfortable, luxurious, appealing and only spends an average 29.7 days on the market, so act fast if you can find one.
  3. Toyota Highlander Hybrid:
    Crossover vehicles are notably popular, and the Toyota Highlander has been a leader in crossovers for a significant amount of time. So, it’s no surprise that the Toyota Highlander Hybrid only spends an average 29.6 days on the used market.
  4. Lexus CT 200h:
    The Lexus CT 200h is similar to the Prius, and therefore has the incredible fuel economy and reliability you can expect. It also has an enjoyable exterior and luxury nameplate that explains why it’s only on the market for about 29.4 days.
  5. Infiniti QX56:
    The QX56, now known as the QX80, is “very plush” and “traditional,” according to Auto Blog, making it “probably the strangest model on the list.” It has an appearance all its own and is a true standout on the road. It also spends, on average, only 29 days on the used car market.
  6. Infiniti QX60:
    Formerly the Infiniti JX35, the QX60 is a three-row crossover SUV that boasts of its luxury, space, and appealing body-style. It spends an average 27.9 days on the market, so it’s a proven popular vehicle that drivers are excited to get behind the wheel.
  7. Hyundai Veloster Turbo:
    The Hyundai Veloster Turbo has a 200-horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine and a sport suspension that consumers love. They love it so much that the vehicle only spends an average 27.8 days on the market. Drivers looking for a lot of fun at a steal of a price will want to snatch up a Veloster Turbo if they can find one on the used market.
  8. Tesla Model S:
    Auto Blog calls the Tesla Model S “the first electric car with virtually no compromises.” It’s sleek, quick, efficient and just plain cool. It’s also fairly expensive, so finding a used Tesla Model S is a rare find that is sure to disappear soon. In fact, they only spend an average 26.1 days on the market.
  9. Nissan Leaf:
    Spending an average of 24.3 days on the market, the Nissan Leaf is the most affordable purely electric vehicle that still “feels like a real car,” according to Auto Blog. The Leaf has a significant range of 84 miles, which drivers will be sure to enjoy if they can get their hands on one.
  10. Toyota Prius Plug-in:
    The Toyota Prius is the vehicle that spends the least amount of time on the used market. In fact, it spends an average 19.7 days on the market, and it’s the icon hybrid automobile that drivers love thanks to its reliability, practicality, and incredible gas mileage.

Keep your eye out for any of these used vehicles, and many more quality cars at incredible prices. The exceptional Highlander Hybrid and Prius can become available at Doral Toyota, so be sure to stop by and check out our selection.

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