How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month near Miami FL

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Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th and goes until October 15th, so you have the whole month to find ways to celebrate. Luckily, living in Miami provides you with numerous opportunities to experience and celebrate the Hispanic culture, whether it’s by going to a restaurant, attending a performance, or even checking out a parade or festival. If you’re looking for ways on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, here are some tips and examples of how your fellow Miami residents enjoy the festivities.Hispanic Ballroom Dancing

4th Annual La Gran Fiesta

770 NE 8th Avenue                      North Miami, FL                           October 7th, 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM

The 4th Annual La Gran Fiesta kicks off on October 7th at 6:30 PM at the MOCA Plaza in North Miami. This event is free, and it’s your chance to check out some authentic Hispanic dancing styles like Bachata, Salsa, and Samba, among many other dancing styles. This event will feature live music that you can dance to, as well as food, crafts, and games to help you and the family enjoy your time at the 4th Annual La Gran Fiesta in North Miami.

Bay of Pigs Museum

1821 SW 9th Street                      Miami, FL

While Hispanic Heritage Month offers the chance to have fun and celebrate your culture, there are also opportunities to learn and reflect about the history. The Bay of Pigs Museum is dedicated to the failed invasion of Cuba that was meant to free the people from Fidel Castro’s communist rule over the country. This museum has several artifacts and displays to help visitors understand what the Cuban people suffered through during this important time in history.

City of Miramar Hispanic Heritage Festival

16801 Miramar Parkway                              Miramar, FL                                    September 16th, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Kick off Hispanic Heritage Month by heading to the City of Miramar Hispanic Heritage Festival! This event takes place at The Miramar Amphitheater, and it’s a great way to enjoy yourself with friends and family. There will be plenty of live music and dancing, with performances from Proyecto Uno, Jimmy El Leon, El Che Lopez, and many more. There will even be food and beverages available so you can get a taste of the culture while enjoying yourself at the festival.Drinking wine and eating food

Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival

4680 SW 72nd Avenue               Miami, FL                                        October 21st-22nd

If you’re looking for a fun family event to help celebrate your culture, even after the official Hispanic Heritage Month is over, you may want to check out the Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival. This event will feature plenty of entertainment and activities for all ages. There will be folkloric performers, live music, and dancers. The little ones can enjoy themselves with activities like the bounce houses, games, and even face painters. This event is pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog along to enjoy the festival.





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