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You love your Toyota. At Doral Toyota, so do we! That’s why we devote ourselves to serving our customers and their vehicles to the utmost of our ability. We understand that you need accurate information and honest answers to all of your vehicle maintenance questions. We’ve gathered together a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding the care of your New or Used Toyota.

Why is my check engine light on?: Your car’s check engine light can indicate a variety of issues. Never ignore this indicator as you could end up causing further damage to your vehicle. Schedule a service appointment with a factory-trained technician as soon as possible.

How do I check my engine oil level?: Checking is your engine’s oil level is important and simple. Under the hood, locate the dipstick with brightly colored handle, pull it out while keeping it upright, and find the two markings at the bottom. The oily section should ideally be in the middle of these two markings.

How often should I change my oil?: The usual standard for changing your oil tends to be every three months or 3,000 miles, but depending upon what type of driving you do, this may not always be the case. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially if you have a warranty.

How do I change a tire?: Make sure you are in a safe location before attempting to change a tire. Changing your tire involves loosening the lug nuts, jacking up the car and removing the lug nuts, attaching the spare tire and lug nuts, lowering the car to the ground, and ensuring all lug nuts are tight. IF you are uncertain about changing the tire, a flat-fix spray is a short-term alternative.

How do I sync my iPhone to Bluetooth?: To sync your iPhone with Bluetooth, simply go the home screen, choose settings, then choose general, then choose Bluetooth. Our sales representatives are always happy to help with this process.

How do I change windshield wipers?: First, slide off the old wiper pulling from the center toward the bottom of the arm. Attach the new wiper by holding it upside down next to the arm where it matches up, then fit the arm between the two sides of the wiper. Make sure the open end of the curve is facing the clip, and pull the wiper upward to slide in the rounded edges. Pull tightly to click it in place.

How do I change my car battery?: To remove your old battery and install a new one, follow these steps: locate the battery, identify battery terminals, disconnect the negative terminal, disconnect the positive terminal, remove the old battery and put in the new one, reconnect the positive and negative terminals, tighten the clamps using a wrench, close the hood, and make sure all the electronic devices are functioning properly. Remember to properly dispose of the old battery.

Does my car need high octane fuel?: To determine what type of fuel is needed for your vehicle, check the owner’s manual and manufacturer’s website.

How do I increase fuel efficiency?: A few ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency include: planning your trips, not speeding, using less throttle, not warming up for extended periods, and driving with the windows up.

How do I check the coolant levels?: There is an opaque coolant overflow tank located next to your vehicle’s radiator. Check the markings on the side of the plastic tank to measure the coolant.

How do I check the transmission fluid?: With the engine running and warm, remove the yellow or red dipstick and wipe clean, then replace and remove again. Check the reading for “warm”; if not full, slowly fill the fluid a little at a time.

Why is my air conditioning not cold?: Common reasons to explain why your AC is not functioning include: a refrigerant leak, a bad compressor, or a clogged orifice tube. Our trained technicians are knowledgeable and efficient in fixing this common problem.

Why is my engine idling rough?: Common reasons for rough idling include: exhaust problems, holes in the air intake valve, a general loss of power in the car, and harsh winter weather. Schedule your vehicle for regular tune-ups to prevent these problems.

What is wrong with my brakes?: For many vehicle owners, brake maintenance is something that often goes overlooked. It is critical to keep your brakes properly calibrated and in good working order. Our factory-trained technicians are happy to diagnose and fix a wide variety of brake problems, preventing costly repairs in the long run.

What is a powertrain warranty?: A powertrain warranty is a promise to repair or fix an issue with the parts of your vehicle’s powertrain (engine, transmission, driveshaft, and internal workings) should a malfunction arise.

What do extended warranties cover?: An extended warranty is an insurance policy on your vehicle, to protect against unforeseen repairs. We may be able to provide with you with an extended warranty to meet your individual needs.

At Doral Toyota, we want you to have all the information you need to effectively care for your vehicle. Give our FL Toyota Dealer a call or come in today and let us share with you all of our tips and tricks for maintaining your Toyota!

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