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Throughout the years, Toyota has established itself as one of the pioneers of automotive technology. That legacy is exemplified in their latest lineup, featuring some of the best technology the automotive world has to offer.

Toyota Technology ReviewsIn addition to fun gadgets, Toyota has dedicated itself to safety with numerous driver-assistance features available on all their latest models. Learn more about Toyota technology in these reviews by Doral Toyota, and discover how these advances can help create a safer and more thrilling driving experience around Doral, Kendall, and Hialeah.

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Having an advanced infotainment system has become commonplace in modern vehicles, but Toyota’s Entune™ system is truly state of the art. Through a 6.1-inch to 8-inch touchscreen interface, you can access numerous exciting features to make your drive better than ever before. If you don’t like messing with touchscreens, you can just use your voice, since the most basic Entune™ systems come complete with voice recognition software.

Toyota TechnologyThe Entune™ system comes with a variety of apps for you to enjoy, ranging from music and navigation to traffic updates and even movie showtimes. The Scout® GPS Link app is particularly useful, as it’s designed to work perfectly with the Entune™ interface. It’ll display turn-by-turn directions for you, so you’ll never get lost again.

Toyota Safety Sense™

Whether you’re using your Toyota as a personal cruiser or for the whole family, you need to stay safe. That’s why Toyota Safety Sense™ is an essential driver-assistance suite that’s standard on most models. Arguably the most impressive feature is the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. Most modern vehicles can detect if you’re about to hit another vehicle, but this feature can detect pedestrians, as well.

Another feature is Lane Departure Alert, which notifies you if you start to drift from your lane unexpectedly. Additionally, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control comes in handy if you’re cruising at a certain speed and hit some traffic. Instead of having to slow down yourself, the system will automatically adjust your throttle and hit the brakes to keep a safe distance from any vehicle in front of you.

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While this covered the basics of Toyota technology and the brilliant features it can offer, each model works a bit differently. Check out our technology reviews to see what a specific model has to offer. Be sure to visit Doral Toyota near Doral, Kendall, and Hialeah, or contact us to learn more!